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  1. World-1: New player starter guide 1.0 Start off by registering a new in-game account directly from the client (in-game & forums accounts are NOT connected). Feel free to check "remember username" for faster logins later on. 1.1 Login and start off by designing your character looks, you will then automatically yell in the chat worldwide that you just started out if you haven't registered more than 2 accounts previously. Proceed then by reading the book called 'Dream's guide book' found in your inventory next to your coins stack for quick info. On the second picture you will see the welcome screen written on a stone board, it shows what world you are logged on, if you have an active donation status with amount donated, world's experience rates and when you logged in previously. 1.2 The main banks in RuneAncient can be found at Varrock square with a bank minimap icon it is easy to be located. Next to the banks you will find the Points/Tickets such as blood money, pk points and vote points based shops. Opening the music tab will show you the help section where you may find very useful quick options that will aid you on your journey. 1.3 Slayer is a very good starting skill to train up your combat levels with many of the monster's drop rewards throughout the slayer skill levels. The slayer masters can be found east of varrock square with a minimap icon to make it located easily, they are also located around the world like on OSRS. Krystalia offers wilderness tasks that can only be progressed on monsters in the wilderness, while the wilderness global drops offers good rewards it may be risky to train there but it would improve your rewards/drops. 1.4 Shops can be found all over Varrock for your goods and needs. There are a few shop keepers around the world such as Tanner that tans your hides in Al-kharid and farming shop in falador park. 1.5 There are quest requirement shops in RuneAncient, all current shops can be found in the Varrock square tent. To open shops and use most of the quest items requires you the quest's skill level requirements. You can find more info on this here. 1.6 The altars and crystal key chest from tavelrey can also be found just west of Varrock square. Inorder to use the dark yellow altar you will need all skill level requirements from Desert Treasure quest. 1.7 Teleporting around is as easy as pressing any of the highlighted teleport spells in your spells tab which opens you the teleport menu screen for you to choose your teleportation. 1.8 Starting out combat training is very free and depending on your routes you can choose where and how you want to train your combat stats. Remember that combat experience rate on world-1 is x30. 1.9 Skilling has a wide variety of ways to train up whether you start off by picking flax, collecting hides for crafting example is up to you. Many of the mainly used tools can be found in the general stores, for fishing you might want to checkout the fishing store in catherby etc.
  2. PvM Casket Common: Uncommon: Rare:
  3. Crystal key Common: Uncommon: Rare: N/A
  4. Wilderness Muddy key Common: Uncommon: Rare:
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  8. Top 5 players 2018-12-16 EVENT The top 5 overall players of 2018-12-16 will receive a santa hat as a reward during the christmas time. Hiscores Online timer for event ending Good luck..
  9. Top 5 players 2018-12-16 EVENT (END) The top 5 overall players of 2018-12-16 will receive a santa hat as a reward during the christmas time. Hiscores Online timer for event ending WINNERS: Good luck..
  10. This thread is made for client updating, if you've been directed to here then you'll have to run a updated client & cache version in order to access the game. If you have questions or any problems with this, please contact a RA staff. [ DOWNLOAD Client version 2.6.3 ] Cache: ".RuneAncient9"