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  1. Would you like to see items such as ags, bandos, fire cape, rings, Armadyl, and much much more. Vote!
  2. There are currently 4 levels of donator, Donator, Super Donator, Extreme Donator, and Legendary Donator. This is a guide on how to obtain them and also what they do. Payment Methods Paypal & OSRS gp. Donator Title Red Donator Sign next to name - $10 Donator Title Blue Donator Sign next to name - $25 Donator Title Green Donator Sign next to name - $50 Donator Title Purple Donator Sign next to name - $100 Benefits The Ability to use ::Yell with a 30 second cool down timer Access to the Donator Zone - ::dzone The Donator zone consists of a Donator store, three thieving stalls, 2 rune ores, and a private bank. Thieving Stalls offer a higher amount of coins while thieving (Scales on Donator Status 20-30k to ~100k) Ability to access the Donator Store Standard donator has a 3%+ drop chance of rares Super donator has a 5%+ drop chance of rares Extreme donator has a 7%+ drop chance of rares Legendary donator has a 10%+ drop chance of rares