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  1. Very nice and simple guide! thanks
  2. Yea gotta say the same about the acb and dfs.what about the dagg rings/glory/rune cbow? to replace the stuff i said and also maybe replace the robin hat & boots with it. edit: also maybe put an cannon in it? since i would like to camp afk tasks like demons etc.
  3. Yeah those are pretty good for in the store. also maybe for in the pkp one infinity set.
  4. I agree on adding pvming items like Fire cape, Rune cbow, Fighter torso, D boots maybe even fury. but not OP stuff like ags, bandos etc.
  5. Hahah yeah i can feell you! Congrats
  6. Hello everyone i joined the server few hours ago and im really enjoying it so far! Like you can read my ingame name is Delicious, im from belgium and 22 years old. Just a little bit information about me aha if you got anymore questions feell free to pm me ingame/forums/discord.