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    Hey Potent, welcome to RuneAncient bud. Hope you enjoy yourself!
  2. Hello all! Firstly, I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy holidays. I hope you've all had a wonderful few days, and that that continues right up to the New Years and beyond. ^^ This is a rather important announcement, and an unfortunate one. I am making this topic in hopes that it provides you, our loyal players, with some clarity on recent events, and provide you all with a transparency that is well deserved. I'll preface with this: bug abuse is strictly against the rules. To abuse a bug without reporting it or making attempts to get it patched is an awful offence that is not only disrespectful to the owners and developers, but to other players aswell. By abusing bugs, you are ruining the experiences of every other person on the server. Last night, three players decided it was within their best interests to abuse a malfunction in the trading system. This malfunction, which turned out to be quite a major duplication glitch, effectively doubled any items that were passed through a trade between two players. As far as I can tell, the duplication was discovered at around 08:57 yesterday morning. From roughly 17:40 onwards, he and two others organized themselves together and began carefully selecting and duplicating choice items. These items were varied, and were mainly skilling items and currencies: LOG SNIPPETS: https://pastebin.com/ZR1ShAqK Pure Essence Agility Arena Tickets Archery Tickets Tokkul Coins Blood Money Runes Bolts Dart Tips Feathers and others... Their organization involved the creation of a number of alt accounts; between the three of them, more than seven alternative accounts were created with muling and duping in mind. Upon inspection of these accounts, it was found that they had been hoarding consumables, currencies, and other materials on them for later use. Over the past few hours, myself and Mod Dream have reviewed trade logs of the offending accounts. After reviewing thousands of lines of inputs and outputs, we have issued permanent bans to the following accounts: Shane TSM Banker Hey Robo Rip SCHMOKE FOA Clan schmoke one Blake Blake1 Blake2 Sixlets Cheating will not be tolerated. Breaking the rules in order to progress your account will not be tolerated. As such, we have seen fit to remove the accounts of the offenders and permanently ban them. All items and wealth has been frozen on the offending accounts, and they will never be played on again. As a result of their actions, all of their progress and the hours they have devoted to their accounts has been for nothing. They will be permitted to create new accounts if they so choose, starting fresh and from scratch. Thank you all for your patience over the past couple of days. Sorry if this has inconvenienced any of our loyal players.
  3. Hey! As a new player, the quest stores are probably one of the tasks you want to get out of the way as quickly as possible. Found in the Gypsy's tent to the west side of home, a variety of NPCs are present that are locked behind certain skill requirements. To access the stores of these NPCs, you must first achieve the skilling requirements of the quests they represent. In this quick guide, I'll outline each store, show you its contents, and list its requirements as needed. REQUIREMENTS: Crafting - 19 Prayer - 31 Ranged - 30 Slayer - 18 Woodcutting - 35 REQUIREMENTS: Agility - 50 Crafting - 50 Herblore - 45 Magic - 56 Mining - 52 Prayer - 42 Smithing - 50 Strength - 50 Thieving - 50 Woodcutting - 50 REQUIREMENTS: Firemaking - 50 Magic - 50 Slayer - 10 Thieving - 53 REQUIREMENTS: Crafting - 40 Magic - 59 Mining - 40 Smithing - 40 REQUIREMENTS: Agility - 40 Crafting - 46 Woodcutting - 56 REQUIREMENTS: Crafting - 31 Woodcutting - 36
  4. TRIAGE GOALS AND ACHIEVEMENTS It's always a pleasure of mine to create an account that I'm proud of, especially on servers that are as catering and mindful as Rune Ancient appears to be. I'm not the most competitive of RSPS/RS players, and I'm not looking to be at the top of the highscores or anything like that. However, for the goals that I do have in mind, I'm completely comfortable with putting hours of my time into achieving them. I want to use this thread as both a goal motivator to keep going, and a record of the achievements of my main account 'Triage'. My primary goals at the moment are these: - Complete all Achievement Diaries up to 'Hard'. - Reach atleast 80 in all stats. - Gather Barrows pieces from the chest to unlock medium-tier combat equipment. - Get the Fire Cape. - Get an Iban's Staff. - Craft a Dragon Square Shield. DAY ENTRIES
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    Thank you all! Appreciate the warm welcome. x
  6. Triage


    Hey guys. I'm Triage, but my IRL name is Ronan. I live in Ireland and I've played Runescape for about 12-13 years now. ^^ Enjoying the server and the community so far, and I'm looking forward to getting my account up there with the best of them! Feel free to message me on Disc if you're bored and want a chat.
  7. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I saw your donator store was only cosmetics. Would be a shame if you guys decided to chuck all the high-tier gear onto it. From servers I've seen in the past, economies that are dependent on donators for high-level equipment usually aren't very strong, and eventually money-sinks and inflation set in. I've never really enjoyed donator-heavy servers, but that's just my own opinions. Thanks for polling this. It stands out that you guys care about the players' thoughts on the subject, rather than adding them to the donor store like so many other servers do.