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    Rules of RuneAncient 1. Scamming Scamming other players on Runeancient is not allowed. this includes giving out account details such as passwords, bank PIN, switching rules at duel arena and trade screen scams. Luring or scamming players inside the wilderness or any pvp area is tolerated. 2. Bug abuse Players caught abusing in-game bugs are their own gain will be punished accordingly. Encouraging other players to bug abuse is not tolerated and therefore should be reported to the RA staff immediately. 3. Advertising Players should not advertise any links other than our official pages such as our forums, discord and our downloadable client page. Players advertising other content will not be tolerated. 4. Flaming Repeated flaming to other players will result in a 24 hour mute as a first offense then move on to 48 hour...72 hour...perm mute 5. Cheating in any way in the game Cheating in the game in anyway such as using macro or other botting scrips to have an advantage over other players is not tolerated. Farming any type of game points such as PK and Vote with the help of proxy or ip changers is not tolerated. 6. Inappropriate language or behavior There are players from all around the world and from a range cultural and religious backgrounds. Everyones should enjoy and have fun playing the game, therefore language that is considered offensive, racist, obscene or otherwise inappropriate should not be used in chatting or as a username. Players finding themselves to be harassed or offended can use the ignore list or report it using our forums Support centre. 7. Threats Threats such as doxing, IRL information or a DDos threat will not be tolerated and actions will be taken heavily. 8. Staff impersonation Players must not impersonate RA staff in anyway or form. Players without a crown next to their name when chatting ingame is the proof to it not being a staff member. Staffs of RA are players who have shown great respect and support into the server and players, and therefore they have gotten the role to help others. 9. Duplicate Any player(s) if caught duping will be permanently banned, with our evidence and logs for almost every action a player does will result with a permanent ban in all accounts that have participated and acted in a item duplicating scenario.