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  1. too be fair acb is a no go as that wasn't 2006 also isn't dropped by any boss as of yet... gilded dfs robin and barrows id rather people get from clues barrows and dragons to make it hard and not easy, crystal bow and shield are both dropped by elfs anyway but thats just my opinion on things
  2. Drek


    Hey all, you all know me by Drek... my real name is chris I'm 24 years old I've played Runescape about 12 years or so im 7 levels from max on EoC and around 1700 total on osrs... Abit about myself I'm In the British Army Reserves part-time as a radio operator and I also work in a nightclub when I'm not doing that. I enjoy going to the gym, walking the dogs trampolining and mountain biking. I've also played the past 3 servers made by dream, zoro and the team, so if you need any help in-game feel free to message me and I'll help you out if i can.