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  1. Username: Will you follow Server Rules?: Date Joined Server: Interested in Events? PvM or PvP? Active Times (Weekends or Weekdays): Why would you like to join our clan?: Mvpvm originated back in 2011 with a group of old friends that no longer play, however we still carry on the name and want to share the focus and experiences that once existed. We are an all-around clan, prioritizing to PvP rather than PvM. We are war fanatics, and will NEVER back down from a fight. We welcome newcomers, along with Veterans to join us to become one of the top clans and regain the reign this clan reputation once had. Owner/High Warlord General/Highlord Captain/Warlord Lieutenant/Lord Sergeant/Knight Corporal/Soldier Recruit/Squire High Warlords: Braxton/Killer3800 Highlords: Beast Warlords: Lords: Commanders: Knights: Squires:
  2. Does the Ice Queen event ever change to a different Wild boss? If so it should, and does it reward pkp or blood money? If so it should during event only to increase wilderness activity!
  3. After my reports of bugs in Discord I have yet to find any more!  I am on the hunt!  I would suggest fixing Pathing a bit though,  your character tends to tread backwards sometimes becomes artistic in a way of moving towards the left one square...  You know paints a picture and shit. I'll be making a thread with updates when applicable to bugs and those bugs will turn into even suggestions. For most of them.

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    New here, met a few new guys in-game. What exactly happened for people to leave? This server is unique, has some good balancing, slow paced. I'm helping promote as well but I'd like to see old players return as well.