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Triage - Achievements and Goals

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It's always a pleasure of mine to create an account that I'm proud of, especially on servers that are as catering and mindful as Rune Ancient appears to be. I'm not the most competitive of RSPS/RS players, and I'm not looking to be at the top of the highscores or anything like that. However, for the goals that I do have in mind, I'm completely comfortable with putting hours of my time into achieving them. I want to use this thread as both a goal motivator to keep going, and a record of the achievements of my main account 'Triage'.

My primary goals at the moment are these:
- Complete all Achievement Diaries up to 'Hard'.
- Reach atleast 80 in all stats.
- Gather Barrows pieces from the chest to unlock medium-tier combat equipment.
- Get the Fire Cape.
- Get an Iban's Staff.
- Craft a Dragon Square Shield.




A few days into the account, I've been working on Achievement Diaries as well as getting my stats up for the Quest Stores. I also wanted to get 99 Agility because it's always a favourite of mine to train, so I busted it out in a 6-7 hour sitting and achieved #1 in the skill.
Varrock Easy Diary done.
Ardougne Easy Diary done.
Most Quest stores unlocked.

Currently working on getting 1300 total level for the Legend's Quest store. I'll then be working on training skilling stats up for the night. I primarily want to even out my stats and get them a little tidied up, I feel like they're way too spread out in specific skills and it looks awful. I'm going to try finding a few decent skilling techniques for certain skills while I train them, try to maximize XP gain with minimal clicking and time wasting.



Progress has been going great so far, right across the board. Achievement Diaries and their requirements have motivated me boost my stats quite a bit, and pursuing decent gear has led to me training my combat and getting some stuff done. Very happy with the current progress I've been making.
Varrock Medium Diary done.
Ardougne Medium Diary done.
Ardougne Hard Diary done.
Morytania Easy Diary done.
Morytania Medium Diary done.
Kandarin Easy Diary done.
Kandarin Medium Diary done.
Kandarin Hard Diary done.
Desert Easy Diary done.
Fighter Torso achieved.
Visage/DFS achieved [Iron Dragons 1 KC!]
Dragon boots achieved [Nechryaels 162 KC]
Torag's platelegs dropped.
Slayer helm unlocked.
All Quest stores unlocked.

Very happy with all the work that's been put in so far. Leaps and bounds ahead of the first entry, I've started to get a majority of my stats up there and gunning towards their second xp halves. There's a few that I need to spend a little extra time on to swing out of the park (namely Fishing, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Fletching and Farming) but I'll eventually get around to them. Currently working on Slayer, getting it up to 85 to snag myself a whip. I also need to get Herblore up to unlock a load of the Achievement diaries. Hopefully tier 4 in all body pieces by the end of the week.


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